Tax Resourcing Advanced Career Transition / Outplacement Program

At Tax Resourcing Advanced Career Transition (TRACT), we are committed to providing the best career transition / outplacement service possible for tax professionals. This means providing support for departing tax professionals on an individual and / or group basis in a manner geared to be responsive to the dignity and career goals of each individual. Our program has been designed to comfort, motivate, nurture and guide participants.

We realise that departure from an organisation, whether one person or many, is carefully scrutinised by those that remain. A well-managed career transition or outplacement service preserves organisational focus. It also sends an important message of your organisation's attitude of responsibility and trust toward all of its employees at all levels. The objective is to ensure that productivity and morale is maintained at a high level.

From our research Alumni’s can prove to be an excellent source of work, directly or by referral for an organisation. As such our program is geared to enhance the organisations credibility and reputation.

Simply teaching job search skills is not enough in today's competitive employment market. TRACT takes the lead in working with participants to help identify available employment opportunities and provide entrepreneurial consulting to those who may want to start their own business. Each program is tailor made, for specific individuals. Our program differs from traditional career transition in that TRACT will also "market" the participants to prospective employers in a professional and confidential manner when appropriate.

Key Benefits

• Full spectrum of career planning and job location capabilities.
• Individualised and group program designed to suit the participant's seniority and needs.
• Careful follow up and support for the participant with a monthly progress report for the client.
• Provide advanced alumni feedback

For up to date information on our search fees and policies, or to enquire about a recruitment process for your business, contact us or phone +61 (0)2 9231 2555

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