Tax Search and Recruitment Process

In the world of recruiting, terminology is frequently confusing and misapplied. Anyone seeking a tax career needs to grasp the distinctions between different types of tax recruiting. At Tax Resourcing, we specialise in a number of different processes tailored for specific needs in order to get you the person you want.

Executive Tax Search

Executive Tax Search is a service retained by clients to find the most suitable candidate to fill a particular role on a fee basis. Search is typically used for senior-level jobs, such as tax partners, tax managers or tax directors, of which there is a smaller pool of appropriate, high-level candidates who can be identified and targeted. A search aims to find the best candidate for the positions, whether or not this candidate is looking to make a career move. Due to this search includes a higher level of negotiation and discretion. At Tax Resourcing, we have trained search professionals proficient in these skills, with experience in targeting and retaining the best people in the tax industry.

Tax Recruiting

Tax Recruiting is a process for finding and securing a job in tax. A tax recruitment company, such as Tax Resourcing will be given a brief of the position, which they then advertise through specialised tax job portals such as, or other general job sites. Other tax professionals in our database are also considered, which is a career advantage of being registered in our tax database. Applications are then assessed, and of those suitable, are contacted and interviewed. Out of those interviewed, the most suitable for the role are presented to the client with in a shortlist of candidates, along with their CV and qualification information. Once the client is ready to move forward tax resourcing consultants then arrange necessary interviews and meetings between the client and candidate, and conduct candidate reference checks. Once both parties are satisfied with the role, the tax resourcing consultant will negotiate a contract between the client and the candidate to ensure all terms are agreed upon, and to secure the position.

Online Recruiting

Online recruiting is where websites hold an aggregate of jobs from a variety of sources, and applicants can browse these jobs online, directly applying for those suitable. Candidates are also often registered on such websites, so that when a suitable tax job appears, you are notified immediately, this is useful in that you do not have to search through for the relevant career move, it will come to you! For more information on Online recruiting, register your details on our Registration Page.


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