Resume Preparation

First impressions are important

Your resume is often the first thing a potential employer or recruiter will see from you, use this opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills. Your resume will differentiate you from other applicants.

Presentation is important which means you should:

• Make sure you proof read the document and check spelling and grammar carefully
• Ensure the document is clear and succinct
• Make the document easier to read by using bullet points and sub-headings

We suggest that you include the following information in your resume so that a prospective employer has a complete overview of your background and career experience. You can personalise it with some of the optional suggestions if you wish.

Personal Details

Full Name Residential Address Date of Birth (optional) Marital Status (optional) Spouses Name (Optional) Children, ages and names (Optional)


Secondary - School and Location - Dates Attended - Level Attained, Grade or Mark

Tertiary - University (location) - Dates Attended Part-time or full-time study Degree obtained (specify whether honours degree) It is also helpful to specify any academic awards received, positions of responsibility held and any other activities of note you participated in.

Attach a copy of your academic transcript rather than setting your results out in the resume itself.

Professional Status

Details of Admission to Practice (dates admitted and jurisdictions) Recognised Professional Qualifications Recognised Professional Memberships

Employment History

Include information relating to all employers since entering the workforce commencing with your current position and working backwards. Greater detail should be provided with respect to the most recent positions. For each employer include: * Name and location of employer * Period of employment including months (e.g. October 1992 - June 1997) * Job Title (Include all titles and when promoted) * Complete list of duties and responsibilities associated with each position * Include an outline of major achievements (including articles published, seminars given etc.]

(Keep your information concise)

Other Skills

Hobbies, sports, community activities, etc.


(Optional – most employers want to know)

Current Remuneration (Detail out your full package including bonuses etc)

Remuneration Required (Package)

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