Negotiating Your Salary

At salary review time the hard work you have put in all year (and particularly over the last month), your negotiation skills and perceived value to the firm will all be evaluated at this single point in time. Here are a few tips on how to create the best impression and assert your chances of a fair and positive salary review:

During the year

• Every time you receive a positive mention from a superior about your work either verbally or by e-mail keep    a copy of it, note it in your diary and maintain a schedule of comments.
• When you have completed a project request feedback by e-mail.

Prior to your review

• Do your research on salary trends, review tax jobs on, contact peers, etc.
• If the person conducting your review could not in good conscience comment on at least 50% of your work    request that you be reviewed by someone more appropriate.

At review time

• Have on hand your schedule of positive comments and e-mails throughout the year
• Read your previous formal review, identify the areas that you have up-skilled in. This will allow you to be    clear on how you rate your own performance
• If you have brought in a client, conducted more marketing than others or have been involved in something    that has added value to your employer- now is a good time to bring this up
• Take note of the timing of your review. If your group is experiencing a slow period you will need to point    out all the busy times prior
• Use your knowledge and research of current salary trends to back up any salary demands you might have

Where to from here?

1. If you get the salary you wanted and are happy with all your working conditions (e.g. quality work, good     access to clients and quality mentoring), congratulations!
2. If your review, salary and conditions do not meet your expectations then you may wish to consider other     career opportunities.

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