1. How Confidential is my data?

We take data security very seriously. We realise the sensitivity of the situation which is why we have taken steps to ensure a completely confidential process. For more detailed information read our Privacy Policy.

2. How can I contact Tax Resourcing for help?

You can contact Tax Resourcing on our contact us page. Most enquiries are responded to within 24 hours.

3. What happens after I have registered?

Once registered, you are entered into our database. Our advanced matching technology helps us determine whether you are suitable for any specific opportunities that we are handling on behalf of other clients. We will contact you only when a recruitment or search professional qualifies you as a potential match for a current opportunity. For further information, read Search and Recruitment Process.

4. Is registration free?

Yes, registering on the Tax Resourcing Talent Database is absolutely free.

5. How can I update my profile?

Return to the registration page and re-register uploading your new resume. Our software will detect overlaps and update your profile accordingly to the most recent date. As we match opportunities according to the industry and function criteria designated in your resume if is important that you provide us with the most accurate information possible.

6. How will I hear about new tax job opportunities?

In various ways: we will match your experience and aspirations to new opportunities and contact you by email or telephone when we think you might be interested.

7. Where else can I find tax job opportunities?

Some of our current job postings can be found at www.taxvacancies.com


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