Interview Success

The time that you spend at an interview will have a dramatic effect on the progress of your job application.

It is critical that you present well at interview, if you don’t make a good overall impression it is highly likely that your application will stop there.

Remember that before and after the interview, you are also creating an impression
. How you respond to and treat people you come into contact with reflects your true personality.

Prepare yourself for the interview as much as you would study for an exam or work presentation
. Your time at an interview could potentially be far more important than all that study for the 1st class honours.

Refresh your memory on exactly what it is you currently do
, so you can concisely convey that information to the interviewer.

Here are some basic tips to ensure you give off the best possible impression in an interview situation:

  1. Dress in a professional manner, in a suit or attire appropriate for your area of work.
  2. Arrive on time. (Let me give you a tip - never be late for an interview!).
  3. Be prepared, find out specifics about the company so you can ask intelligent questions - go to their web site, industry publications and areas where they have a media presence including news site searches etc. Questions may include details of the position, reason for vacancy, company growth plans, educational and training programs and company culture.
  4. Be yourself as it is the 'real you' they are interested in. Remember an interview should be a two-way street; you need to be comfortable that the employer is right for you as much as you are right for them. Be confident and speak clearly.
  5. Know your strengths and highlight them in a factual, sincere manner. Only you can properly 'market' yourself to ensure they realise the need for you in their organisation.
  6. Shake hands firmly. Ensure correct posture - do not slump in the chair or lean on an elbow.
  7. Smile, be friendly, polite, and attentive. Even when you have established during the course of an interview this is not the job for you still give your interviewer your attention and respect.
  8. Listen carefully and think before you respond to questions, answer truthfully and concisely. (Many people do not answer the exact question that is asked!)
  9. During the interview maintain direct eye contact with the interviewer, this demonstrates confidence.
  10. Never make derogatory comments about present employer or disclose confidential information about former employers
  11. Unless discussed by the interviewer, do not ask about salary. If this arises remember what value you can bring to the organisation and rather than placing a $ value on your services imply in a professional and confident manner that you are looking for their best offer.
  12. State your interest level in the job before you leave. It is important the interviewer knows.
  13. After the meeting contact your recruiter as soon as possible to provide feedback on the position

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